May Favourites For Positivity and Anxiety Relief


I have a favourites post today with a bit of a twist! I thought I would share a few things that I have been reading/using/doing this month that have helped me to stay positive throughout my exam period and boost my confidence!


Chloe Brotheridge – The Anxiety Solution 

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I found this book on Amazon and decided to give it a go as it appeared to get a number of positive reviews. This was such a pleasure to read and I finished it within a few days. Chloe talks about her own relatable experience with anxiety, along with stories from people she has worked with which makes you realise you are not alone when it comes to your anxious thoughts and feelings. I like how she explains the science behind certain feelings and why they occur. Plus she offers an extensive ‘toolkit’ with lots of different exercises to try which are really useful to look back on if you need to!

Moorea Seal – 52 Lists For Happiness

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I saw this whilst browsing the Urban Outfitters website and I was intrigued by the concept of this book. It contains 52 list ideas that you fill out each week. These aren’t ordinary lists though – the ideas are intended to make you reflect on certain aspects of your life which, as a result, help to bring “positivity, balance, and joy”. Inside, the pages are decorated with cute illustrations, prints and photographs with little quotes and inspirational words.

Meditation and Hypnosis


I had heard about the positive effects of meditation and hypnosis so I decided to have a search on youtube and try out a few different ones. By far my favourite hypnosis track has to be the ultimate confidence one by Thomas Hall (I’ll link it here). I also liked his “Stop Panic & Anxiety” one too for when I was feeling nervous about my uni exams. I usually listen to them every night before bed which helps to relax me and make me feel sleepy. After listening to these on a regular basis I genuinely feel like they make me more confident and positive about life. He has loads of different ones and various styles of videos if you want to check them out.

Pinterest Quote Boards

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I love Pinterest. In fact sometimes I think I have an addiction to it! Over the past few months I have been adding motivational quotes and phrases into a “quotes” board, which I then revisit if I am feeling sad or need a pick me up.



One of the exercises Chloe suggests in her book The Anxiety Solution is to go for a walk and really concentrate on your movement. By focusing on each step, how the ground feels beneath your feet, noticing when the cool air hits your face and what sounds you can hear really helps to bring your thoughts back to the present and stop them wandering off, replaying out certain situations or going into overdrive. One of my favourite places to go to is the beach – I like to concentrate on how the sand moves under my feet, and how the waves make little crashing noises on the shore as they hit the rocks.

Those are a few things that have really helped to make May a positive and enjoyable month for me! What are some of your favourite things that make you feel happy, positive and calmer?

Thank you for reading!






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