2017 To Do List – Mid Year Reflection


I’ve seen quite a few bloggers do a reflection on their new year goals as it is now half way through the year (omg how is it June already?!), and I thought I would write a post having a look at the list of things I wanted to achieve and see how I’ve got on so far.

Get through third year of uni stress free

I actually really enjoyed third year of university and I had prepared and researched a lot for my dissertation which took off a lot of pressure. I don’t really remember feeling stressed or overwhelmed by work and I loved my dissertation topic which made it a pleasure to write, so I guess I did well with this goal. Also I found out the other day I got a 1st for my dissertation which I am super happy about!

Take more photos 

I have actually started making a conscious effort to take more photos ( I’ll insert a few below). However the first half of 2017 hasn’t been too exciting as I was literally glued to a computer or a textbook, but now I have finished uni I hope to do more travelling and take some interesting snaps.

Keep a Journal and stick to it

Last year I bought a Ban.do journal with the hopes of using it to capture memories and remember events that have happened as my actual work/organiser/life diary isn’t big enough to document lots of information. So far I have managed to use it regularly and I find it relaxing creating pretty pages and spreads.

dissertation pic 1

Stop impulse buying 

Ok so this one hasn’t gone as well as planned, evidenced by the fact that I had a little shopping spree in Boots earlier and bought some makeup bits I didn’t really need (oops). I have been relatively self restrained when it comes to clothes as I’ve not bought any for a good while, but I have a weakness for beauty products. I am really going to try and focus more on this goal for the second half of 2017 though.


Cut back sugar and processed food 

Whilst I am partial to the occasional treat I have been swapping sugary snacks for sweet but healthy alternatives. I now use cinnamon on my porridge instead of honey, and I have been snacking on things like nuts and dried fruit instead of crisps.

Work out my upper body

 I started doing upper body workouts in January and I now do them twice a week and my arms definitely feel a lot more toned! I really like doing the workouts by FitnessBlender on YouTube as they are really easy to follow.

Be more confident 

This year I have really tried to improve my confidence, positivity and state of mind by setting aside a set amount of time each day for self care. I started doing affirmations and meditation/hypnosis at the start of the year and after consistent use they have helped to change my mindset. I started to accept that if you don’t love and respect yourself then you won’t perform well, you’ll feel rubbish and it will be visible to others. Therefore you should always prioritise a bit of time for yourself and allow yourself mini treats such as a manicure or pamper yourself with a bath bomb or a nice moisturiser – you deserve it!


I really enjoyed doing this as I now know what I need to work on for the next few months. How have you got on with your new year goals? I’d love to know what challenges you set yourself and if you’ve achieved them.

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!






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