The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel

Last month the Body Shop released their summer limited edition Virgin Mojito range. I had been eagerly waiting for months to get my hands on the shower gel which I fell in love with last year due to its perfectly refreshing, citrusy scent.

The body shop Virgin mojito shower gel

The ingredients in this are similar to those found in the mojito drink (minus the alcohol). The mint and lime extracts really come through once lathered onto the skin and I find it is great for waking me up in the morning if I’m feeling a little tired! I found the scent lingered for a little while after showering but it wasn’t too strong and soon wore off.

The consistency of this shower gel for me is just right, not too runny or thick, which means you don’t need to use too much in one go, unless you like lots of bubbles of course.

Unlike some citrusy flavoured products this does not dry out the skin which is great! On the other hand this isn’t super moisturising, but then again it doesn’t claim to be. There is also a body butter available in the range if you’d prefer something a bit more moisturising but I’ve not tried that out so I’m not sure if it is any good.

The body shop Virgin mojito shower gel

The Virgin Mojito range is limited edition so it is not available all year round and tends to sell out rather quickly online, but if you like this sort of scent I definitely would recommend going into the store and giving it a try as I think it is available for a bit longer there! This currently comes in two sizes, 60ml and 250ml.

Have you tried any of this range?

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9 thoughts on “The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Shower Gel

    1. Aw that’s a shame! I struggled to get much last year and this was the last bottle in the shop when I bought it so it seems popular. At least you got a set of minis though 🙂 I agree I love the scent! x

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