25 More Facts About Me


As much as I love reading people’s blog posts I especially like those that reveal a bit more about the blogger as I feel like you get to know them a bit better. I love facts about me posts and I wrote one over a year ago now intending to write 50 but I only managed to think of 25. Therefore I decided to write a part 2 with 25 more things about me! These facts are really random by the way.

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1.  When I am older I really want a Dalmatian.

2. I have a massive sweet tooth and I love ice cream.

3. My favourite Disney film is Mulan.

4. When I write I hold my pen in a really unusual way and so many people have commented on it.

5. My biggest achievement of 2017 (so far) was finding out I’ll be graduating with a first yay!

6. I don’t like spicy food.

7. As a child I had a full fringe and my parents used to cut it themselves and I cringe whenever I look back at photos of myself.

8. When I was little my favourite toy was a teddy rabbit called Pinky (because she was pink and that was my favourite colour).

9. I once wrote a poem and it got published in book.

10. I always smile at dogs whenever I see one because dogs are everything!

11. My favourite game has to be The Sims 2 (if you played this as a kid too you are cool in my eyes!). Animal Crossing comes a close second. I still play this on my ancient Nintendo DS sometimes.

12. I’d like to start a dream journal but my dreams are always really boring. Occasionally I have this reoccurring dream that my toothbrush runs out of charge half way through brushing my teeth. Weird I know…

13. I used to tap dance when I was in primary school and started again at university.

14. One of my favourite songs of all time is Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Father John Misty.

15. If I could only wear one colour of nail polish I would have to go for red. It’s my favourite!

16. I love dresses but I’m always too scared to wear them incase the wind blows it up.

17. I don’t really like vanilla scented stuff. I prefer floral and fruity fragrances.

18. I always wear a watch and feel almost incomplete without it.

19. I wouldn’t describe myself as a non-drinker but I kind of just stopped drinking in October 2015 for a bit of a fun challenge for like a month or so but I’ve actually not had a drink since.

20. My most loved item of clothing is my GAP hoodie. It’s so soft and cosy and reminds me of the ones I used to wear when I was a child. It’s perfect for winter days.

21. I really wish I liked fruit and herbal teas as they always sound yummy and smell so tasty.

22. I used to be a girl guide.

23. One of my favourite features about myself is the dimple in my chin as my grandma used to tell me she gave me it as she had one too.

24. I secretly get excited for winter as it means I get to wear super chunky knitted bobble hats.

25. I’m taller than my boyfriend.

And that’s 25 random and weird facts about me. I hope you liked this post and got to know a little bit more about me. Feel free to share random facts about yourself in the comments and we can all get to know each other a bit better.

As always, thank you so much for reading!




13 thoughts on “25 More Facts About Me

      1. I agree it’s so interesting! I really miss a level history but I loved it at uni too. The skills you learnt at a level will probably help you with a law degree! And if the uni you go to has a history society you could join that too 🙂 x


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