Lush Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb


I think it has pretty much been established that Lush do the best bath bombs, from their amazing smells to the picturesque works of art they create in the bathtub (I swear I spend more time photographing my bath than I do in it). Anyway I recently tried out the Cyanide Pill and thought I would share my experience!

lush cyanide pill bath bomb 6

I was excited to use this bath bomb as the name “Cyanide Pill” suggested to me that this was going to explode into something pretty magical once it hit the water. However I was a little bit disappointed with the visual effect this bath bomb had. Once it started fizzing away a tiny bit of pink colour was emitted, but this soon diminished into a somewhat minimal display of floating glitter which clung to the tub and skin (I looked like Edward Cullen for days haha). Although the video on the Lush website looks a lot cooler so maybe I got a dud?

lush cyanide pill bath bomb 4lush cyanide pill bath bomb 5

On a more positive note I really enjoyed the scent. It is very refreshing, containing “lemon oil, almond oil and cedarwood oil”.

Ok so now the best part – popping candy! Yes, this has popping candy inside. I think Lush were trying to create something really unique here which is why they may have compromised a bit on the visual effects. I enjoyed it though, it was an intriguing and unexpected surprise!

lush cyanide pill bath bomb 1lush cyanide pill bath bomb 3

Overall I would give this 3/5 because Cyanide Pill is a nice bath bomb – it smelt lovely and the popping candy was pretty fun, but I personally prefer more colourful looking bath bombs.

Have you tried this before?

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!




18 thoughts on “Lush Cyanide Pill Bath Bomb

  1. Ahh I love lush! The colour of this is gorge too, even if there aren’t many. I have to try this! Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too x

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