August Favourites For Positivity & Anxiety Relief


In May I wrote a favourites post talking about a few things that helped me to stay positive and feel less anxious, which a lot of you seemed to love, so I thought I would share a few more things that have helped me throughout August!

Podcasts – The Mindful Kind by Rachael Kable


I never used to be a podcast listener but I recently decided to give them a try after hearing good reviews about Racheal’s podcasts on Instagram. She has so many different ones on a range of topics such as self care, positivity, stress and panic. There is a new one out every week, plus they are usually around 10 minutes long which is amazing if you have a short attention span or don’t have a lot of free time. Also her Australian accent is beautiful! I’ll insert a link here if you wish to give them a listen.


Throughout August I’ve made a conscious effort to start using affirmations more, writing down a few in a notebook each day. I won’t lie at first it feels really strange and a bit cheesy but I promise the more you do it the more comfortable you feel and soon enough you will start to believe them. Basically you just have to pick a few key sentences that resonate with you and what you want to change or achieve and then keep repeating them to yourself so your subconscious takes them in. If you feel too awkward saying them out loud or fear someone may hear you try writing them down instead, and just remember you deserve to be happy, confident, successful etc so don’t feel weird for doing them.



I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving random notebooks around my room so I can just doodle, jot down happy quotes or list my worries/ thoughts to clear my mind. I find dumping my day down on paper helps to relax me and get everything out of my head if there’s no one to talk to. You can get really creative too with your journal – there’s loads of pretty designs and creations on Pinterest, but you can keep it messy too like me if that’s your thing.

Find something you can get lost in

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One of the best things that helps my anxiety and keeps me positive is to not overthink things. I find a good way to do this is to get lost in something. Sometimes I like to read or exercise, but I re-discovered Tumblr after neglecting my old one for years and I quickly became obsessed with it again. I love seeing all the the pretty photographs and prints, plus I always feel like there is less pressure with Tumblr than there is with other social media platforms – you can literally just re-blog things you don’t have to post your own stuff if you don’t want. Plus there’s some useful quotes and life advice posts on there which I like to save in my personal favourites to look back on.

Holland & Barrett Passion Flower Stress Relief Tablets

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I was ordering a few bits off Holland and Barrett and I saw they had a section on stress relief so I went for a little browse. These appeared to get quite a few positive reviews so I thought I would give them a try myself. They are herbal tablets that claim to temporarily help with mild anxiety. Obviously they aren’t a miracle cure but I find they help me feel a bit more relaxed and I do get a better night’s sleep if I take one when necessary. Please research these though if you do want to try them for yourself to make sure they are suitable for you.

Those are a few things that I have found to stop me feeling anxious and stay positive during the past few weeks. Have you tried any of these, or do you have any other tips to share?

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!







15 thoughts on “August Favourites For Positivity & Anxiety Relief

    1. Same, I’ve never actually read or watched Harry Potter I really should! :’) I really want to do one too but I’m always scared I’ll mess it up and then not want to use it haha. I’m glad it helps you though! Thank you xx

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    1. Thank you! I’ve only ever tried one thing from the Rescue Remedy range and it was their pastilles but I didn’t find they had any effect on me 😦 I’d be intrigued to try some of their other stuff though. I hope the passion flower works for you if you decide to try it πŸ™‚ xx


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