Mini Lush haul

Hello everyone!

Long time no blog! I feel like it’s been forever since I last wrote a post but I just needed a bit of time off because life’s been a bit crazy these past few weeks. Anyway I thought I’d get back into the swing of things again with a little Lush haul. I say little because there’s only 2 items but I still wanted to share my thoughts on them.

The reason I went to Lush for some skincare bits is because my face has been an absolute nightmare for the past 5 months! I’ve had weird rashes around my eyes, accompanied by swelling, and no tablets or prescribed creams seem to be helping.

Having ran out of my usual face cream I thought I’d take a natural skincare approach and test some Lush stuff as I know they don’t include any nasty chemicals in their products that will upset my skin.

Lush dream cream

Lush dream cream

Dream Cream 

The first thing I picked up was their Dream Cream. I’ve read a lot of reviews raving over the benefits of this product, with people claiming it’s worked miracles on their eczema.

Lush dream cream

Lush say that this is “softer than freshly-laundered clouds” and “has the consistency of cool liquid silk” – sounds heavenly right?

I purchased the self preserving version which contains more oat milk (from what I can remember) so it remains clean without using any synthetic preservatives. The consistency is rather thick and it does feel a little greasy but I don’t mind that personally. The richness of the cream is lovely, its like a treat for your skin.

Lush dream cream

One thing I’m not too keen on is the scent. You get hints of cocoa butter (which is pleasant), but then there’s a weird overall smell to it which I can’t quite describe.

Overall I’m really glad I tried out this product. Only the tiniest amount is needed so I can see this lasting me ages – well worth the money!

Aqua Marina

This was a whim purchase after the store assistant very kindly offered me the opportunity to try it out.

Lush aqua marina

Lush aqua marine

I’ve never used a cleanser from Lush before but I was in a ‘go for it’ kind of mood so I went ahead and bought one.

It contains seaweed so as a warning I’ll tell you now – it smells gross. But if you can get past that it’s actually a nice cleanser. Also I appreciate that it looks like tuna mayo mixed with spinach – I’m not really selling this one very well am I haha.

Lush aqua marina

It contains calamine powder to calm your skin and aloe vera gel to “sooth and soften”. The product claims to “absorb excess oils and leave you with a clearer complexion” so I’m excited to see if this helps shift the beautiful collection of spots that’s gathered on my forehead.

Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know how you found them, or if you have any Lush favourites that you want to share.

Thank you for reading!





24 thoughts on “Mini Lush haul

  1. Lush is simply amazing! I have tried one of their bubble bar and its absolutely amazing😍 Not to mention how incredible the scents are of the product and store itself 😍😍😍

    By the way, Im Seri, a beauty and lifestyle blogger from South Africa. I would love if you could check my blog and maybe subscribe to my blog ?😉 im already subscribed to yours😘

    Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day, take care, stay safe, keep warm and stay blessed!

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  2. Ahah the second one really does look like tune and spinach! What I love about their products though is that they last for ages as you only truly need a very tiny amount each time you use them!

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  3. Dream cream really is a dream 😍. Have you tried any of the face masks? I swear by cosmetic warrior when my hormone spots kick in! Oatifix might be a better option for you as it’s more moisturising 🙂

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