Autumn/Winter Self Care Ideas


Happy October (aka the best month)! I always feel like autumn has officially begun when it gets to this time of the year. There is nothing I love more than getting all cosy in the evenings and indulging in a few self care activities, so I thought I would share a few of my favourites.

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♥  Take a warm bubble bath and use a festive bath bomb (Lush do amazing ones)

♥ Read a book

♥ Moisturise your body with a rich body cream

♥ Grab a blanket and make yourself a cup of tea, or hot chocolate with lots of toppings.

♥ Try journaling and create a few festive pages like things you want to do this autumn, or jot down what you are looking forward to this winter.

♥ Care for a plant (for those of you like me who cannot keep a plant alive, a cactus is a good idea)

 ♥ I know drinking water is important, but why not spice things up and try a smoothie too?

♥ Do an at home workout or yoga (and then get into your cosy pjs after).

♥ Snuggle up and watch a film or TV show. Side note: anyone excited for Stranger Things this autumn?

♥ Paint your nails but add a touch of glitter, or try some autumnal nail art.

♥ Listen to a podcast.

♥ Going for a walk and watching all the golden brown leaves fall off the trees.

♥ Light a candle – my favourite is apple cinnamon flavour.

♥ Make a DIY body scrub using honey, sugar and cinnamon.

♥ Bake some festive treats. Cinnamon buns and gingerbread men are the best!

♥ Embrace the weather by wrapping up in chunky knits and scarves.

♥ Treat yourself to that cute bobble hat, or fluffy pair of socks. You’ll be glad you did when it gets cold.

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Those are a few of my favourite autumn/winter self care ideas. What are yours?

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day!




Products That Cleared My Acne


Firstly I apologise for not uploading as regularly at the moment. I was lacking inspiration and wasn’t really feeling like blogging but after my mini break I’m excited to create new posts again.

For the past few months my skin has been terrible. I was always one of those lucky teenagers who rarely got spots which I am very grateful for, but I feel like as soon as I hit my 20s my skin definitely went down hill. My skin gets very oily but dry too (confusing I know), and my forehead decided to present to the world a nice display of spots. There’s an abundance of skincare products available to help with all kinds of issues, and through trial and error I have finally found a few that have helped to clear my acne.



Face Wash

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser – I received a free sample of this when I purchased a few bits from Superdrug and I loved it so much that I bought the full sized bottle. This face wash is so gentle and moisturising. It’s quite runny and doesn’t foam up so it is easy to wash off. I love how this doesn’t sting my dry skin, and it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog up any pores.

Acnecide 5% Wash Benzoyl Peroxide – I made the decision to purchase this after battling with some stubborn spots for a good few months. Nothing appeared to clear them until I tried this. It takes a while to work, I noticed an improvement after about 2 weeks, but I love how this stopped my skin developing new spots whilst simultaneously clearing up any spots I currently had.


Eucerin Dermo-Purifyer Scrub – I like to use an exfoliator once or twice a week to remove any dead skin cells before they clog my pores up. This has an oil free formula so it’s great for oily skin, and it is gentle on dry areas as it’s not a harsh/scratchy exfoliator.


Cetaphil Moisturising Cream – This cream feels really thick and luxurious and cleared up my dry patches within 2 days. I love how it’s a rich cream, but also non-comedogenic and  fragrance free so it doesn’t upset your skin.

Dermalex Acne Treatment – A pharmacist recommended this to me after I enquired about the best cream to heal acne spots. This claims to create a barrier on the skin to reduce the amount of acne-causing bacteria, whilst also moisturising the skin. I found my skin looked worse at first as all my spots were coming to a head, but afterwards the benefits of this cream started to be visible. They say things get worse before they get better!

I have used these for a few months now, but I only use the Acnecide and Dermalex products when I need to if any spots appear. Overall I can say my skin looks and feels a lot better.

What products do you use to help with acne?

Thank you so much for reading!